First Exam

So today is a quite exciting day. I woke up and check my phone, my sleeping beauty finally wake up after his unintended hibernation. He thank me to do the right thing and I cannot hide how happy I am after the text. I mean, he is no longer Schrödinger Simon, he can tell wheter he is dead or alive.

And in the next one hours I am gonna face my first exam in this master study. I wouldn’t say the study is difficult. Language yet a barrier, if isn’t i must be brilliant. Thus I write this diary, I just wanna practice when the question come up, I already set up my state of language, sense of thinking in my third, fourth language. It is quite sad that I have to say goodbye to my favourite lecture, Dr Lisa Hellman. She is the most amazing lecture I met and I love how she writes, and she is extremely charming when she teach, I wonder there is such a perfect person in this world. If I weren’t married, I am gonna date her and marry her. I believe we’re vibrating and even my sleeping beauty was a little bit concerned about how I adore this particular lecture. She is amazing!

But when it comes to her exam, she teaches method for textual approach, I couldn’t say anything. Nervous? perhaps, I spent 5 hours cooking 5 dishes. Since I woke up I cook pancakes, nasi hainam, boiled chicken, tahwa and wedang rode. And another batch for tteoboki from ronde’s dough. Perhaps that’s how my body says, “come on, I cant wait and I wanna this finish fast!”

So many things awaited me once I finished this exam. First, my editing job. I am so greatful that I got a chance and trust from my colleague to do this job. I mean, I feel flattered and I will do the best I can, beside the book is pretty exciting. Still can’t believe I am able and got the trust to do it. Sometimes I feel I am to young to do lot of things, but here I am, do the best and push my limit.

Second, I will get more hours working at the restaurant. My cool boss now become my mentor to learn management, administration and finance. He teaches me a lot, how to think in numbers, tables and matrix now I think I could become a monster with philosophy, history and now: management studies. I am gonna be the best I am. But last but not least, my amazing partner who support me this far. He accepts who I am. I have male best friend and he is okay with that, he support me with my study, he almost never complained as long I clean the house. He is the best lottery I won in life.


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