Formidable, formidable
Tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable
Nous étions formidables — Stromae

Sometimes I wonder if I sabotage my personal relationship because I think I don’t need it.

Another time I though that I am craving of the feeling, rather the person.

Since I was 20 year old, I don’t believe in romance. I never change my stand.

A partnership, rather a romance. A partnership can be achieve in real life but romance only existed in fictions

So today if I almost reach the romance situation, I cut it off. Chemistry is something wonderful indeed, but we need something more than chemistery. We need understanding, a right timing.

A right timing is the most important.

Cause being adult is hard, we catch trains to work everyday, leaving the days past behind us and catching what we want

I don’t have time for romance I said to myself.

But I am open for partnership. I already have a partner who understand me and always be there during most of emotions.

However I still desire to be alone.

I though that being alone I could listen to more people’s stories, learning about responsiblities, managing time better. Listening to my body, be confident.

Read and writing more

But without my current partner my life will crumble and I will sunk into depression once again.

I love being alone. I don’t know why.


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